For Financial Advisors, CPAs & Professional Bookkeepers


Balance helps you better attract, retain, service and engage with clients.  We help you manage more clients, stay in touch easier, increase efficiency, cut costs & increase client loyalty. 



Powerful Financial Tools


Balance offers a powerful suite of tools for you and your client including full account aggregation, expense tracking, budgeting, filing, document storage, bill payment as well as messaging and task management tools.  Choose the solution suite that is right for you and create a fully customizable and highly configurable experience for each of your clients.




client portal.png
Custom Client Portal

Customized client portal to engage with clients, share files, send messages, manage tasks, track spending, understand cash flow and budget details and even pay bills.  


Complete Financial Picture

Balance gives a complete view of your clients financial life.  Balance automatically collects account balances and transactions everyday to help ensure you have the latest information on your clients financial life.  



note.pngCollaboration makes client engagement & tasks easier.

With Balance, you can share data securely, have private conversations regarding your clients finances and collaborate with clients and colleagues to get things done faster.


Digital Office.pngCustomize your "Digital Office"

Client facing technology can be too overwhelming and complicated for many clients.  Often times, advisors struggle to effectively use technology to engage their clients because of a one size fits all approach taken by so many software vendors.

With Balance, a loan officer could create a custom online Workspace in minutes that helps them gather financial information about a client, share files, communicate securely and track tasks.  For financial advisors or CPAs, Balance can be quickly tuned to prepare for tax time or gather a complete picture of a client's net worth and share it with a new financial planning team.  The client facing customization can be changed on the fly as well and in just minutes the client experience can be completely rebuilt as the client moves through a life cycle of services and interactions a professional provides.